Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum is somewhere I think everyone should spend time. It is unapologetically Manitoban! It goes through some of the great ( as well as not so great, but very true) History of one of the best places in the world! These images are from my last visit to the museum. I can’t wait until the day I am back home, and can go back again and spend more time exploring the history of such an amazing place!

Charles Bradley

The Screaming Eagle of Soul. Charles Bradley is an absolutely incredible performer. And easily one of the best Funk/Soul/R&B singers you can see right now. These are some shots from the last I got to photograph him.

July Talk

If you have ever met me you know how much I love music. Live music is something I can rarely get enough of. I love being in a crowd of people listening to a band they love, and losing themselves in the moment. One band I love to photograph is July Talk. They have an absolutely incredible stage presence, and can captivate a crowd and send them into a frenzy before ever playing a single note. Here are some photos from the last time I got to shoot their show.

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