I'm Travis Ross, a photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

 Most people use this section to talk about their accomplishments, and how they have loved photography their whole lives. I won't do that.

I just want to be creating something.

I want my work to create an experience or capture a moment: the roar of a crowd at a concert, the crisp air on a mountain hike, or endless beauty of the prairies.

 I want my work to connect people with the feeling of being in that moment.

I am passionate about music and people, and so a lot of my work revolves around those things.

 I am fortunate, since these passions have led me to a position as a photographer for Jellyfish Jam Creative Services, a Division of Pipe & Hat Music Group. Lately, I am focusing on promotional and lifestyle work, which has allowed me to expand my creative skillset. 

Please contact me if you would like to collaborate, create, purchase print work, or just to connect! I'm more than happy to talk, and look forward to hearing from you. 

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